You Can Help Scott Stay Active

“I love being out in the community. I really appreciate how Medical Motor Service can help me get to areas not covered by other providers.”
Scott, who works at ABVI-Goodwill and is an active community volunteer, likes to stay busy. Project Access, a collaboration between Medical Motor Service and CP Rochester, helps Scott enjoy greater Freedom to pursue the activities he loves. Scott, who is legally blind, depends on the service to attend church each week, eat at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que or another of his favorite restaurants, visit his nephew or his girlfriend across town, or cheer on a local team. A fan of just about every sport, thanks to Project Access, Scott almost never misses a game played by either of his two favorite teams—the Rhinos and the Flash.

What does INDEPENDENCE mean to you?
Each year, Al Sigl Community of Agencies helps over 55,000 children and adults with special needs lead more independent lives.
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