Cindy  I Can Count on MMS

An energetic woman with a great sense of humor, Cindy loves to make people laugh. Like most people, she enjoys staying in touch with friends, caring for her three pets, and gardening in her spare time.

Unlike most people, Cindy is an amputee. As a diabetic battling high blood pressure, Cindy also needs dialysis three days a week.

“When I started dialysis, I was able to drive myself, even after my amputation,” she explains. Then things changed. “I just got too sick,” she says simply. Her daughter became worried and asked that Cindy not drive any longer. It was incredibly hard to lose so much of her independence, but she didn’t want her daughter to worry and she didn’t want to risk anyone’s safety.

That’s when she turned to Medical Motor Service for help.

“I know I can absolutely count on Medical Motors,” says Cindy. “The driver I have most often is Jim. When he pulls up, he jumps out to help me down the driveway. When we get to the dialysis center, he goes and gets a wheelchair and brings it out to me.” Cindy pauses… “He’s not just a driver; I think of Jim as a friend.”

During their weekly rides, they share dinner recipes, suggest new ingredients to try, and even check back to see how the meals turned out. It’s conversations and connections like these that make the ride about more than a destination.

Each year, Medical Motor Service provides transportation to more than 9,500 adults, children, and seniors just like Cindy. We serve individuals with disabilities and special needs who require specialized transportation to non-emergency medical services.

But we can’t do it without your help. Providing over 540,000 trips a year to people across Rochester and Monroe County requires specialized vehicles, fuel, maintenance, a well-trained staff, and other necessary equipment.

With your help, Medical Motor Service can continue to provide safe and affordable transportation to help those in our community get the services and support they need. Please give today by visiting the SUPPORT MMS page on our website. Thank you!