It begins with one call which will grow rapidly to over 18,000 calls—this month.

Ann Bartle, Call Center Supervisor for Medical Motor Service, along with her seven-person customer service team, typically field tens of thousands of questions from folks that need help arranging transportation. Whether it’s scheduling a routine trip for a doctor’s appointment, a shopping shuttle for seniors or answering a billing question, Ann understands the real value in helping people and makes sure the Call Center runs
as smoothly as it can while staying focused on the person at the other end of the line.

Celebrating 90 years of local service, Medical Motor Service’s original mission was to connect people with medical care. That mission has grown to include social service needs as well. The customers are very diverse and important. Transportation issues can be very different for someone with a disability, those dealing with chemical dependency or someone in need of assistance for the first time. The staff at MMS is experienced, well-trained and adaptive. Ann looks for team players who have prior call center experience, can multi-task and have a smile in their voice. “Being a non-profit, we are sensitive to how effective our training is and how important it is that we work together for the best results,” says Mrs. Bartle. “From the Call Center to Dispatch to the drivers on the road, communication and teamwork matter most.”

It’s a fast-paced environment with high expectations for excellent care. “We have service contracts with some agencies that require us to maintain less than 5% abandon rates on all calls and answer incoming calls within 45 seconds,” explains Mrs. Bartle. Rides are scheduled in advance, generally one full business day before noon. Hours of operation are from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. With more than 1,500 scheduled trips per day, MMS connects with the community.

“They’re all people behind these numbers and you form bonds with them. It may be a regular customer who shares stories of their family and asks about ours, or as involved as assisting a local family as they seek transportation assistance to NYC for a baby with a heart transplant,” she explains. “It’s rewarding to help.” And it begins with one call.