On Tuesday, September 14, 2010, Medical Motor Service will co-host a seminar with RouteMatch on Mobility Management - a key focus of MMS and an integral component in the future of transportation.  Mobility Management is a concept that has resulted from advances in technology, scheduling and communication to create a more integrated transportation service focused on meeting customer's needs.  This concept will lead to additional customer mobility options, provide greater service availability and enable easier access to rider information. 

A pioneer of this concept is RouteMatch software - programming that delivers integrated transportation technology solutions that are easy to install and use, enabling a more coordinated and cost-effective system of transportation.  MMS began using RouteMatch software in June of 2006, and soon after began to see drastic improvements in scheduling efficiency and rides per hour.

A tour of the Medical Motor Service facility and operations will be offered after the seminar on September 14, displaying how RouteMatch software and the Mobility Management concept are implemented within the organization on an operational level.