Medical Motor Service has recently collaborated with two students from the University of Rochester to begin work on projects in different aspects of the transportation industry. 

Anurag Rastogi, a first-year MBA student from the U of R Simon School of Business, has been working with MMS administrative and dispatch staff to study passenger demographics and analyze trip data.  Currently, he is collaborating with the MMS finance department to work on vehicle cost analysis. 

David Lee, a fourth year student from the U of R School of Medicine and Dentistry, has recently conducted multiple training sessions in collaboration with MMS staff and administration, focusing on universal safety precautions for drivers and employees. 

The expertise of both David and Anurag has made an immense impact on the staff at MMS and has helped to improve the efficiency, safety and overall success of our business.  We look forward to a continued partnership with both students as well as the U of R, and wish them luck in their future endeavors.