Medical Motor Service is reaching more people than it ever has before.  Through the first quarter of our fiscal year, MMS has provided 146,265 trips to residents of Monroe County and beyond, which is a 3% increase over the comparable period in 2011.  With these figures, Medical Motor Service can project to provide over 585,000 total trips in the 2012-13 fiscal year- a number which has never been reached by MMS.

Through this growth, and through the annual New York State Department of Transportation- Federal Transit Administration capital grant, Medical Motor Service is expecting to procure 4 new busses for its fleet.  The busses, which can hold up to 18 ambulatory passengers and come equipped with the capability to accomodate 5 wheelchair users at one time, are expected to be used to provide transportation for adult daycare programs and nurtritional programs for seniors and people with developmental disabilities.