Medical Motor Service (MMS), along with 6 other transportation providers throughout the country, was recently selected to appear in "Weaving It Together: A Tapestry of Transportation Funding for Older Adults," a report from AARP that presents case studies from around the nation to highlight the use of federal funding and coordination of efforts among state and local agencies to improve the quality of transportation for older adults. 

Released this month, the report discusses the importance of constructing a vast network of funding, nurturing numerous community partnerships and exhibiting innovation and business acumen in daily operations.  As recent fiscal restraints have increased the need for local providers to identify multiple sources of funding, AARP has identified Medical Motor Service as a shining example for other providers on how to achieve that goal.  And as the demand for specialized transportation for older adults continues to grow, MMS continues to lead the way for providers across the country in creating a more diversely-funded, cost-effective system of transportation.

To read the full study and to learn more about the barriers and opportunities of transportation for older adults, click here.